Queen's Birthday Event

On the 28th of May in 2011, many gathered together to celebrate the Queen of England’s birthday. The event took place in the city of Erbil in Iraq. This was also an important day because the British Consulate in Erbil was having its grand opening. The opening speech started off with John Major being honored for the commitment he has made to Kurdistan. Michael Erin is introduced as the new ambassador. He mentions how he has been to many celebrations regarding the queen’s birthday but none of them have been as extravagant as the one that has taken place in Erbil. Erin cannot think of a policy in the foreign office or anywhere in the last 25 years when someone has taken a policy, pulled it through, and persuaded his international colleagues that it is the right thing to do and take such decisive action. This has been the forefront and basis for Kurdistan being a fantastic achievement. Major is very overwhelmed by the amount of British firms present in Kurdistan and he thanks the ones that were able to be present for the event, including ITSC.  He is confident that if the development grows at the same pace it is currently going there will be far more international firms available in the Kurdistan region. President Massoud Barzani and first lady Hero Ibrahem Ahmed also made an appearance at the event.

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