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The company was incorporated in London, United Kingdom in November1988. The company was established by several professional engineers who gained world-class experience in different fields, such as Ove Arup, DSSR, and Energo Projekt Hydro-engineering. In 1992, the company established specific sections in water engineering, dams and hydro power in the UK.
The consulting engineering works and production of design drawings and documents have been moved to an associate company in Belgrade Serbia (IK Consulting Engineers) In 2002. The overall management and company headquarters is located in the UK, the main design and engineering offices are in Belgrade, Serbia.
The service is supported by an extensive research and development program covering design and material technology. ITSC is active in Central Europe, North Africa, , the Middle East, South America, and South East Asia.
The services provided, are identification studies, project plans, site investigation, data collection, technical and financial feasibility studies, master plans, outlines and detailed designs, project and construction management, Installation, commissioning and start-up of elector mechanical equipment and plants, training, operation of plants, and investor advisory.
From core strengths in the design of dams and hydro electrical power stations, ITSC LTD has widened services to include energy systems analysis and plans, design, procurement, and installation of mechanical and electrical plants. Our extensive experience embraces water resource and supply projects, irrigation, land drainage and reclamation systems, and associated agri-engineering and husbandry. The strengths in environmental engineering cover waste water engineering, pollution and effluent controlling, solid waste engineering, and infrastructure designing. The services are supported by an extensive research and development program covering design and materials technology.
In 2012, we expanded to the oil and gas sector providing services to two major investors in oil fields.
We successfully completed works for ENI, EXXON Mobil, Weatherford, and Petronas.

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