Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design of Waste Water Treatment Plant Ostruznica - Beograd, Serbia

Client: Agency for Construction and Land Development of Belgrade, Serbia
Start Date (Month/Year): November 2004
Completion Date (Month/Year): February 2006

Associated Firm(s):
KOCKS Consult, GmbH Ehting, Serbia and Montenegro

Narrative Description of the Project:
The suburb Ostruznica is situated southwesterly of the Belgrade city on the bank of the Sava River. The wastewater of this small town, which will have approx.100,000 inhabitants, is discharged without treatment into the Sava River. In the future, the entire wastewater of this locality shall be cleaned up in compliance to the European Union guidelines. All conceivable locations for the WWTP are situated on the bank of the Sava River in the flooding endangered area. As the existing dyke has no basic sealing system, the site is flooded by seeping groundwater, during longer persisting spate.

Description of Actual Services Provided by ITSC:
The study for the wastewater treatment plant Ostruznica covers the following services:
• Investigation and evaluation of relevant planning data
- Wastewater quantities and pollution load
- Data and boundary conditions of the planned drainage system
- Geological and soil-mechanical data
- Hydro-logic data (water levels of the Danube for different discharge occurrences)
• Evaluation of different process alternatives regarding the local conditions in a strongly flooding endangered area (arrangement of plant structures)
• Determination of investment costs, operating costs and waste water tariffs, Proof of the feasibility
• Preparation of Preliminary Design for chosen process alternative

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