Detailed Design for Storm Water Pipeline in Jug Bogdana Street, Serbia

Assignment Title: Detailed Design for Storm Water Pipeline in Jug Bogdana Street, Serbia
Client: Prokuplje Municipality, Prokuplje
Staff No.: 2
Associated Form(s): None
Start Date (Month/Year): July 2006
Completion Date (Month/Year): August 2006
Narrative Description of Project:
Jug Bogdana Street is located in the centre of Prokuplje city.
In the scope of Jug Bogdana Street reconstruction, from junction to main road Prokuplje and Kursumlija to Knez Mihailova Street, which will be changed to pedestrian zone, is foreseen construction of storm water system. The existing sewerage system for this street is separate.
Detailed Design also included removal of existing asphalt layer on the road and footpaths, and construction of underground gallery for electrical and public lighting installations.
Other infrastructure works are out of the scope of the Project.

Description of Actual Services Provided by ITSC:
Detailed Design for Storm Water Sewage in Jug Bogdana Street Prokuplje covers the following services:
• Collection, review, and analysis of available documents
• Site reconnaissance
• Hydraulic calculations
• Preparation of textual part which consists of following parts:
- Technical report
- Hydraulic calculations
- Technical conditions for execution of the works
- Bill of quantities with material specification
• Preparation of following drawings:
- General layout in scale 1:10000
- General plan of hydro-technical infrastructure
- Storm water sewage layout in scale 1:1000
- Hydraulic profile of storm water sewage in scale 1:100/1000
- Characteristic cross section in scale 1:100/100
- Details required for execution of the works
• Prepared documentation is in accordance with relevant regulations.

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