Preliminary Design for Sewage System in Batanjnica Settlement, Belgrade, Serbia

Assignment Title: Preliminary Design for Sewage System in Batanjnica Settlement, Belgrade, Serbia
Client: Agency for Land Development and Construction Belgrade, Serbia
Staff No.: 8
Associated Firm(s): None
Start Date (Month/Year): September 2006
Completion Date (Month/Year): February 2007

Narrative Description of Project:
The suburb Batajnica is situated near the railway Belgrade – Zagreb and Batajnica airport. According to City Plan of Belgrade the Batajnica, issued in 1978 area covers 500 ha, and plan of roads network, sewerage system and storm water system. The sewerage system was constructed only for one part of suburb. Construction of buildings in some area did not follow the plan, as well as the construction of key elements in sewerage system. The sewerage pumping station does not exist. Construction of the main trunk lines is not finished. The goals of the project are to determine the main directions for trunk sewers lines, to design secondary network and to design storm water network.
The first step was to analyze present conditions and capacity of existing sewer lines, for the present status of buildings in the area. According to that all wastewater will be directed to existing sewers.
Necessary adjustments of the sewage system to present situation by outlet collector displacement to the middle of the settlement were analyzed. The best solution for storm water and sewerage system has been proposed.
The second step was to design connection between existing and designed network of the sewerage network in Batajnica settlement, fully in accordance with the new designed sewerage pumping station

Description of Actual Services Provided by ITSC:
Preliminary Design for Sewage System in Batajnica Settlement covers the following services:
• Collection, revision, and analysis of available documents
• Site reconnaissance
• Investigation and evaluation of relevant planning data
o Wastewater quantities and pollution load
o Data and boundary conditions of the planned drainage system
o Geological and soil-mechanical data
• Preparation of design for adjustment of present roads
• Hydraulic calculations for existing and new sewers
• Hydraulic analysis of capacities of existing sewers
• Preparation of Preliminary Design for chosen alternative
• Preparation of textual part which consist of the following parts: geo-mechanical conditions, technical report, hydraulic calculations, bill of quantities
• Preparation of general layout, longitudinal sections for designed sewerage pipelines, cross sections for designed sewerage pipelines
• Determination of sewer pipelines materials
• Preparation of Bill of Quantities for sewerage system and storm water system

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