Planning Report & Final Design of Levee Reconstruction Along Ada Ciganlija

Assignment Title: Planning Report & Final Design of Levee Reconstruction Along Ada Ciganlija
Employer: “SRBIJAVODE” -Water Authority, Belgrade
Commencement date: 2005
Completion date: 2006
Description of the Project:

Ada Ciganlija is one of Belgrade’s favorable recreational area. Flood protection of this 280 ha is managed by 7.3 km long earth-levee system (constructed in period 1961 to 1968). The existing levees do not give an adequate level of protection, so enlargement of the levees was a necessary issue.
A landside levee enlargement which includes increase of levee section at the crown and landside of the levee was proposed in this project. A combined levee cross section with clay zone at the riverside and refilled sand at the landside of the levee is designed, except is some short sections where complete levee body is design of cohesive material. A seepage berg is designed at the landside for control of under-seepage problems in foundations beneath levee. Appropriate special design solution was given for the levee reconstruction at all locations with objects in the vicinity of levee (Renni-wells, pipeline crossings with the levee, objects of the rowing clubs, etc)
Increase of the levee crown is from 1.3 to 1.5 m, which leads to average reconstructed levee height of 5 m. Levee width in its crown is 7.5 m. The freeboard is in the range from 1.2 to 1.3 m. A designed levee solution guarantees protection of Ada Ciganlija from floods of return period of 1 in 100 years.
The Services Provided:
• Systematization of the available documentation and data
• Determination of levee reconstruction alternative solutions
• Engineering calculations (statical and filtration stability of levee)
• Investigation of property ownership in the zone of reconstruction
• Recommendation of optimum alternative
• Recommendation of phases in work realization

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