Final Design and Detailed Design for Portable Water Treatment Plant in Al-Refal, Iraq

Client(s): Ministry of Water Resources , GD for Dams and Reservoirs
Associated Firm(s): ITSC, Iraq
Staff No.: 25
Start Date (Month/Year): October 2004
Completion Date (Month/Year): 2006
Narrative Description of Project:
The area served by the project is located about 170 km South-East of Baghdad, 50 km North-West of Al Nassiryah.
The Al-Refai Unified Water Project includes the following water supply facilities:
• River intake and Low Lift Pumping Station
• Water treatment plant providing output capacity of 2000 m3/h
• Transport – pumping mains to EST1 and EST2, diameters 350 mm and 600 mm respectively
• Elevated steel tanks, EST1 and EST2, active volume of each 1137.0 m3 and 2270.0 m3 (the design will be submitted separately). The raw water source is the Al-Gharaf River, about 150 m away from the WTP site. The raw water is extracted from the river and lifted to the plant for treatment by 4 low lift pumps, capacities 700 m3/h each. The WTP process line comprises the following treatment units: Distribution chamber and flash mixer – pre-chlorination, coagulant and polyelectrolyte dosing, Clariflocculators – flocculation and sedimentation, Filter inlet channel, Rapid sand filters, Ground storage tank – main chlorination/disinfection, High Lift Pumping Station – post chlorination if necessary. The design and construction of the Al-Refai Water Supply System will yield a significant improvement in the water treatment and supply of the region. The constituent parts of the Final Design – civil, architectural, hydraulic, mechanical, process, electrical and survey – prepared by implementation of contemporary technical solutions and design, comply with the international standards and engineering best practice and guarantee the Water Supply System will provide high quality drinking water to Al-Refai consumers.

Description of Actual Services Provided by ITSC:
• Site Reconnaissance
• Establishment of Project Database
• Data Collection Memorandum
• Report on Topographical Works
• Determination of the optimum chemical dosages
• Process calculations and preparation of technical specifications
• Hydraulic calculations
• Power supply and automatisation of the plant
• Preparation of drawings and bill of quantities
• Determination of investment costs, operating costs and influence on price of potable water
• Estimation of Total Cost of the Works
• Environmental Impact Assessment Study
• Contract Administration and Project Management

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