Study Report on Maintaining, Managing & Monitoring on Existing High Dams & Reservoirs in Serbia

Location: Serbia
Employer: “SRBIJAVODE” Water Authority, Belgrade
Contract price: 42,000 €

Serbia has 26 large dams with a reservoir storage larger than 10 million m3 and 34 large dams with a reservoir storage lesser than 10 million m3. Due to the economical situation past few decades, maintenance and monitoring of these dams was not adequate. This has a direct influence on safety of the dam and region downstream of the dam. Lack of adequate management has its consequences in waste of water resources, decrease of water quality in the reservoir etc. The main objectives of this study were to do the assessment of the 28 existing large dams in Serbia and to propose measures/procedures of their monitoring, maintenance and management.

Information related to the technical and legal aspects of all 28 dams were gathered, analyzed and systematized in a form of digital Data base (in Access) connected with GIS
(ArcView GIS). For each dam, conclusions related to its present state are given, as well as lists of missing technical documentation and all necessary activities which have to be performed in the area of monitoring, maintenance and management. Necessary activities, which are common for all considered dams are: preparation of missing project/reports, sanction works, check of hydro-mechanical equipment, geodetic measurements of reservoir, revitalization and innovation of the monitoring system, innovation of hydro-logical data and related parameters, etc. Recommendations were given related to the possible pragmatic ways of achievement of necessary dam safety and increase of economical effects of considered dams and reservoirs. Special conclusions are given related to the possibility of increase of hydro-power production at each dam location. Establishment of a unique information system for all large dams and reservoirs in Serbia is a must, and that was emphasized within this study. Database developed in this study is an example how the database for all dams could be organized.

The Services Provided:
• Determining of existing dams stability
• Defining of measures for dams stability improvement
• Data and documentation collecting
• Site reconnaissance
• Recording of sites due to preparation of maintaining, managing and monitoring reports
• Preparation of maintaining, managing and monitoring reports on dams
• Defining of work improvement measures
• Defining of the plan for further works

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