Bekhme dam

Project name: Bekhme Dam
Client: Ministry of Water Resources
Description: The main purpose of this project is irrigation, cultivated land, power generation, and flood control. The system is composed of the following features: rockfill dam, spillway, bottom outlet, diversion tunnels, water conveyance facilities, underground power house, transformers & a switch yard hall. The commencement of the Bekhme Dam Project construction, based on the original EPDC (Japan) project was in 1986. The works were suspended in 1990, due to the Kuwait-Iraq war and with the following UN sanctions and it wasn't continued. The Bekhme Dam design was finished and construction begun in 1986, but construction works were suspended in 1991 due to the war. The updated planning report and tender documentation for continuation of works on this dam were finished in 2006. This economic and financial evaluation was done in the course of assessment the project economic and financial viability today, and to provide an overview of possible issues in the financing of such a multi-purpose project. This analysis integrates economical, financial, institutional, technical, sociological and environmental considerations. In this project more than 500 million USD has already been invested and the total remaining works are to about the amount of 4,400 million USD. The performed analyses show that this project is both economically and financially feasible.

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