Bassara dam

Project name: Bassara dam
Client: Ministry of Water Resources
Description: This project includes 54,000,000 m3 large Bassara reservior which will regulate the Tawooq Chai for an irrigation of 2900 Ha in cultivated land. The construction of the dam will improve river low flows regime. The water head difference which will be formed with the dam will be used for electric power production, so the HPP of 4.8 MW is proposed. The Bassara dam is designed as a combination of RCC Dam with
spillway & fill dam with central concrete diaphragm. Appurtenant structures includes diversion tunnel, water intake tower, bottom outlet with pen-stock & irrigation pipes and HPP. The location of the irrigation field is about 11 km downstream of the dam location. Water from the Bassara reservoir to the irrigation field is conveyed through a 1400 mm main pipe. For further water distribution a network of primary and secondary level pipes is designed. The total length of all pipes in the network including the main pipeline is approximately 90 km.

Services provided:

• Preparation on Investigation Works Program & Performance of Investigation Works;
• Determination of General Layout, Optimization and Engineering Design of the Dam, Appurtenant Structures & HPP at Preliminary with Planning Report & Final Design stage
• Preparation of Hydro-logical, Topographical & Geological Study at Preliminary & Planning Report stage
• Implementation of Earthquake Hazard Study at Planning Report stage
• Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Study at Preliminary & Planning Report stage
• Implementation of Cost Estimate with Construction Time Schedule at Preliminary with Planning Report & Final Design stage
• Preparation of Economic & Financial Analysis at Preliminary & Planning Report stage
• Establishment of Tendering Procedure and Rendering Assistance to Client during Tendering Procedure


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