Planning & Development of Tasluja Corridor

Project name: Planning & Development of Tasluja Corridor

Client: Municipality of Sulaimaniyah

Start date: December 1, 2014

Completion date: Still in progress


Preparing master plan and detailed urban plan for this corridor, preparing pre-design studies followed by master plan and detailed urban plan based on the state of the art technology and high standards and planning regulations. There after reformulating the program prepared by the municipality of Suaimani, preparing data, information for the zones, division of land according to its functions according to the standards for urban parcels, preparing programs for each parcel according to its land use, design of infrastructure services networks (water supply, sewerage network, roads, pedestrian network, electricity, telecommunication, gas supply network). These have to be integrated into the Sulaimani master plan with its future development. there after all main roads and streets with pedestrian zone have to be projected on the level of urban parcel. 

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