Commissioning of Halabja Water Treatment

Project name: Commissioning of Halabja Water Treatment
Client: SSangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd

General project: ITSC has signed a contract with SSangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd for the improvement of water supply in the Kurdistan region. It is located in Halabja, Kurdistan located in Iraq.  This project includes engineering work, documentation, material supply, construction work, and administration/accommodation services.  This procedure is being led by a project manager and the plan will include all the required activity, manpower, and equipment to ensure the achievement of job requirements starting from move to site until the final acceptance of mechanical completion work. Once the mobilization work plan has begun each and every equipment installation will be submitted for remarks and approval from Ssangyoung engineering office before we start any physical work at site. 

Description of commissioning work provided:
The general scope of the commissioning work of the project covers various tests, such as medical, cable, functional, and performance. Permanent water and power supply are also provided in addition to environmental pollution control and temporary warehouse. This branch of work focuses on manpower mobilization, temporary facilities, services, equipment, and security.  

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