Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Taq-Taq Dam - Iraq

Client: Ministry of Water Resources, GD for Dams & Reservoirs
Staff Number: 7
Start Date (Month/Year): October 2004
Completion Date (Month/Year): 2006
Associated Firm(s): ITSC, Iraq, STUCKY, Swiss,

Narrative Description of Project:
Taq-Taq is located on the lesser Zab River about 5 km upstream from the Taq-Taq town. The purpose of the Taq-Taq reservoir is: irrigation, flood control and hydroelectric generating. Furthermore, Taq-Taq dam reservoir will be regulating reservoir for water releases from the power station of existing Dokan Dam, the arch dam which is located upstream from the location of the Taq-Taq Dam. Environment Impact Assessment Study is part of planning study with elements of final design for Taq-Taq, Dam, Iraq. The purpose of Environment Impact Assessment Study is environmental impacts analyzing and proposing of mitigation measures and monitoring plan.

Scope of activities and project objectives are:
• Investigation and data collecting
• Scope of legal regulations and environmental framework important for EIA Study
• Description of the existing environment (biophysical and human environment)
• Project background and project description regarding the environment
• Environmental impact analysis (sources of impacts, prediction of biophysical impacts, human impacts and other economic and social impacts)
• Mitigation measures (measures that must be conducted due to impacts elimination and control)
• Monitoring planning (plan for continuous impact monitoring)
• Conclusions and recommendations of the next stage of the project

Description of Actual Services Provided by Consultant:
Environment Impact Assessment Study for Taq-Taq Dam covers the following services:
• Site reconnaissance
• Investigation and evaluation of relevant data – existing environment - biophysical environment – climate, topography, hydrology, water quality, wastewater discharges, solid wastes, geology, hydrology, seismology, pedology, vegetation and forest cover, limnology, wildlife, endangered species, international treasures- human environment – landscapes, land use, population characteristics, economic structures, social and cultural structures
• Determination of mitigation and monitoring costs

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