Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Waste Water Treatment Plant in Veliko Selo-Belgrade, Serbia

Client: Agency for Construction and Land Development of Belgrade, Serbia
Associated Firm(s): SOGREAH, France Ehting, Seriba and Montenegro
Staff Number: 5

Narrative Description of Project:
Environment Impact Assessment Study is part of Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design WWTP Veliko Selo, prepared for Veliko Selo Wastewater Treatment Project. The purpose of Environment Impact Assessment Study is obtaining of authorization for project evaluation in accordance with Serbian Laws. Further more, if Belgrade Institutions decide to proceed with idea of building WWTP Veliko Selo, the Study must be harmonized with EU recommendations and main IFIs donors.

Scope of activities and project objectives are:
• Investigation and data collecting
• Scope of legal regulations and environmental framework important for EIA Study
• WWTP Veliko Selo site description and status
• Analyzing of Danube River characteristics
• Description of the plant and project objectives regarding the environment (inflow and outflow water)
• Environmental impact analysis (prediction of impacts that future WWTP will have of the environment during construction and operation phase)
• Mitigation measures (measures that must be conducted due to impacts elimination and control)
• Conclusions and recommendations of the next stage of the project

Description of Actual Services Provided by ITSC:
Environment Impact Assessment Study for the wastewater treatment plant Veliko Selo covers the following services:
• Site Reconnaissance
• Investigation and evaluation of relevant data
- Data on WWTP Veliko Selo location and status (description, topography, climate, geological structure, biological diversity, protected areas, land property, settlements, agriculture, roads, historical monuments)
- Data on Danube River characteristics (level regime, river bed, islands, water level, water temperature, river ice, river deposits, river quality)
- Data on inflow and outflow water quality
• Evaluation of different process alternatives regarding the local conditions in a strongly flooding endangered area (arrangement of plant structures)
• Determination of mitigation measures costs

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